Flynova Athletic Anti Stress Hand Mini Flying Toy

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✓【Easy To Fly Drone】

✓【Intelligent Swirling Dark Night UFO】

✓【Safe And Anti-drop】

✓【Portable And USB Charging】

✓【Cool And Fun Toys】

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It’s easy to get started with FlyNova. It looks like magic but all you need to do is to spin it up and give it a toss! A miniature internal motor gives it the power to perform wild tricks. Different throwing speeds and angles allow different flight paths, tricks, and high-speed maneuvers.

With just a few throws, you will quickly begin to understand the infinite possibilities for flight….

Turn on the power button, hold the center axis and spin the wheel to start FlyNova.

If you wish to stop playing, just grab FlyNova and stop the spinning. It’s easy and safe.  The enclosed wheel design protects your hands while spinning.

Throw FlyNova upwards and it spins around its axis perpendicular to the direction of flight and returns to you in a safe, predictable manner like a boomerang. You can throw it and catch it yourself. This unique feature makes FlyNova perfect for solo play.

Throw FlyNova downwards and it will travel steadily in a straight line. The distance traveled is determined by how hard you throw it. Go the distance! Perfect for a back & forth game of catch or team tricks with friends.

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Flynova Athletic Anti Stress Hand Mini Flying Toy
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